A downloadable game for Windows

LABYRINTH - The First One is a very short and simple game created for the Movie Game Jam 2018, the game has been developed by one person in a few days so you may find bugs or problems.

The game is inspired by the movie The Maze Runner but you will not find spoilers.

You wake up in a large grassy area enclosed by tall stone walls. You don't remember nothing... so you can only explore the place and find out how to get out of there.

Basic Controls

WASD - movement (walk front, left, back, right)
Mouse movement - Rotate camera / look around
E - Interact
Mouse right click - Hold to zoom
Escape - open in-game pause-menu
Left Ctrl - To crouch
Tab - Inventory and to see your health*
(You can see all the controls in the options menu)

The game doesn't have a save system so if you exit your progress will not be saved.



*You can receive damage if you fall from great heights, but in this version you can not heal. This feature has only been implemented as a test due to lack of time, sorry, it's possible that in the future it will be fully implemented.

Published 11 days ago
Tags3D, First-Person, Mystery, Singleplayer

Install instructions

Unzip and run EXE file. Don't change the folder structure.


labyrinth.zip 128 MB


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Great video, thanks for playing!


Very impressive little project DEVS. Well Done

Amazing video, thanks for playing and thanks for your comments!
And sorry for the confusion in the number of the sheets... it's already fixed.


I'd have left the sheets as they are as it makes it just a little bit more challenging but, seriously, I think you do need to expand on Labyrinth. That is one of the most graphically impressive projects I have seen and I think you have something. Really really nice and well done for all your hard work.


Thanks again for your kind words, I don't know if I will continue the game but I appreciate your encouragement.