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Très bon jeu, dommage que ça s'arrête là. J'ai été bloqué à cet endroit sans pouvoir continuer ni retourner au menu.


Thanks for playing and I'm sorry to hear you got stuck... it's true the game has some bugs, I'm sorry.


no problem, the game is very well done.


It's a shame the game won't be continued, what you have here is good. Hope you consider coming back to it and adding more.

Thanks for the video and for your kind words 😊


Love the idea for the start to a game, the lore is interesting and compelling.  Too bad it ends as quick as it does, and doesn't have any plans of continuing.  But very good idea for a game.  This is the first game in the video 

Thank you very much for your kind words and for the video!

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Thanks for playing and for the video!