Hi there!

In the previous article I talked superficially about my inspiration for this project, but I want to go deeper into this topic, let me tell you about Frictional Games and their wonderful game Amnesia: The Dark Descent (hereinafter Amnesia TDD).

As you all know, this project is freely inspired by Amnesia TDD. I use its aesthetics, mechanics, interactivity with the environment... my idea is to create an experience as close to that awesome game but located in a part of the game that is mentioned but doesn't appear: the village of Altstadt and its surroundings.

Zimmermann Farm (surroundings of Altstadt).

To create the story I had to do an important research work, maybe too exaggerated and maybe that's why I didn't have enough time to finish the game within the Frictional Fan Jam deadline. I mainly used the Amnesia Wiki that contains an extensive database about the game (it's impressive), I played again part of the game, I reviewed gamplays in Youtube... all to inspire me and get ideas. As I said, maybe too exaggerated, hahaha.

Altstadt sketch.

Finally, and after creating a truly extensive history, I realized that it was impossible to develop it within the dates of the jam... To make things short, in the game you will live the adventure of Ulrich Tannhaus, a sheriff sent to the village to investigate the strange disappearances of its inhabitants. In his search for the truth, he ends up in some caverns near the village, where some time ago, Agrippa found an Orb with supernatural powers in a Mithraic temple. And I can't tell more... you will must play the experience.

All the action takes place inside the caverns (I didn't have time to prepare more locations), maybe in future updates I could include the village and surroundings (Zimmermann Farm), but it's unlikely due to the time required for development.

As you can see, the story is strongly inspired by Amnesia TDD and many of you don't recognize names and / or locations, but you don't have to be a fan of Amnesia TDD to play DESCENT: Hunt For Truth, it's an experience with its own story that all lovers of mystery and survival horror will like!

And that's all, I hope you found this article interesting, see you in the next one!