Project origins

Hi there!

This is the first of a series of articles that I would like to publish about the development and progress of the project. I would like to make weekly publications but I do not promise anything, you know that this project is being developed by one person and as a side-project... I hope you understand it.

So, here we go!

In this first article I want to talk about the origin of this project. The idea came thanks to Frictional Fan Jam created by Frictional Games to celebrate the anniversary of their games Penumbra, Amnesia and SOMA the last September. As a fan of these games I could not miss the opportunity to create something and participate in this unique event. But unfortunately I could not finish on time because I discovered the event late and I could not devote all the time I wanted to the project.

But I put a lot of effort and love into the project, so after a few days of rest and seeing the support received by other Amnesia TDD fans, I decided to continue with the development as a side-project.

I want to thank Python Blue for his collaboration in the music section, another great fan of Amnesia TDD who has already done other work in the past related to this game. It's not easy to create music from scratch in such a short time but he created 2 songs in no time, he is a professional and a great friend.

And of course I want to thank Frictional Games for creating the event that gave birth to this project and thanks to all the community that participated or supported the event in some way, you are the best!

See you in the next article!