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DESCENT - Hunt For Truth was my failed entry for Frictional Fan Jam 2019 (I could not finish on time), but I put a lot of work and love in this project and for that reason I have decided to continue with the development and currently it's my main side-project.

The project is being developed by only one person with the invaluable collaboration of Python Blue in the musical section, another fan of Frictional Games, who in the past already made arrangements for other works inspired by the games of this studio (you can listen to these works in his portfolio).

I'm using the Unity engine and some assets from the Unity store to speed up the development process, although some models and textures are being made by me from scratch.

DESCENT - Hunt For Truth, is a short first person survival horror experience with a story freely inspired by Amnesia: The Dark Descent. An atmospheric game in which you will play as Ulrich Tannhaus, a sheriff sent to the village of Altstadt to investigate the strange disappearances of its inhabitants. The village is located deep in the woods of eastern Prussia, where the  Brennenburg Castle is located, owned by Baron Alexander von Brennenburg.

But the search for truth will take you to the depths of Altstadt, where an ancient secret is hidden…

  • Story freely inspired by Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Frictional Games)
  • First person survival horror experience
  • Realistic and detailed graphics powered by Unity engine
  • An immersive, dark and disturbing atmosphere
  • Explore, read documents and collect objects to advance the story
  • Your only weapons will be stealth and your cunning
  • Be careful, danger lurks in every corner
  • Immersive and original soundtrack created by Python Blue
  • Short but intense and detailed 15-30 minute experience

As you have read, this project is being developed by one person, so the development can be slow. I will try to update this page with the development progress, but I don't promise anything.
Be patient, please.

Development log