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Reminded me a lot of the game Observer


Thank you for your kind words! Yeah, it was one of my inspirations, I love that game 😍


Same here! and Rutger Hauer made it even more awesome for me, I was devastated when I found out that he had passed away since I loved all of his movies that I've seen especially Blade Runner, The Hitcher, Blind Fury and Hobo with a shotgun


Short but super sweet. Was really impressed by the look and play of your game, is there more to come? I included it in a video I made, I hope you don't mind!

Thank you for the video! I'm glad you like it, at the moment I don't plan to continue Binary Code, but, who knows...

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very short but very nice made in 5 days! enjoyed it :D atmosphere were amazing, thats important to me!

Thanks for your kind words!